Good Leaver

Together we can make a difference

Good Leaver brings the hedge fund community and medical research institutes togther to make a real difference to society.

  • Medical Research Institutions
  • Hedge Funds or Proprietary Trading Firms

Good Leaver is a not-for profit platform to post short term STEM based projects and connect you with skilled STEM educated volunteers from the finance industry.

Hedge Funds are big employers of STEM talent. Quantitative researchers analyse large, structured and unstructured financial data sets to find signals. Software engineers provide the tools and infrastructure to enable this analysis.

When a quantitative researcher or software engineer leaves a hedge fund, they typically have a 6-24 month paid non-compete period in their employment contract. This means for the duration of their non-compete they are paid their normal salary but not allowed to work for any other financial firms. They are effectively inactive. We want to connect you with this talent, for free, and put their minds to work on short term projects.

Good Leaver only partners with publicly funded medical research institutions. Sorry, no commercial operations.

We understand why non-competes are crucial to protect your IP and business interests. This is why we created the Good Leaver committee. A forum and transparent place where good leaver supporters can be updated on projects and contribute to the program.

We provide full disclosure on projects and require written agreement from a Good Leavers' former employer before they can start a project. If there are concerns, we will seek to address and resolve.

You can have peace of mind that your former employees are not breaching their contractual commitments whilst freeing up that talent to contribute to society.

Let’s do this together

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