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About us

Good Leaver is a not-for profit platform to post short term STEM based projects and connect you with skilled STEM educated volunteers from the finance industry.

“I set up Good Leaver after my wife was diagnosed with cancer as a way to give back to the medical research community that have supported us. Although I didn’t have the years of statistical or software engineering education to personally contribute, I knew people that could.

My background is in recruitment. I run a search firm called Grainstone Lee that partners with hedge funds to build their quantitative research and engineering teams. I realised that I could use my recruitment experience to connect STEM talent sitting out their non-competes with Medical Research Institutes that are desperate for data scientists and engineers.

Good Leaver was born in 2020, the year when everybody remembered we’re all the same and with a bit of effort the human spirit can overcome any obstacle.”

Simon Grainger

CEO / Founder

Do something special.

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